Here, you will find a few example of pottery drawn during archaeological projects. I’m using three techniques to represent pottery (vectorization through Illustrator, shading and dots).


On the left, a few examples of pottery done on Illustrator. I can do shading or just represent the relief by using lines thicknesses from 0.25 to 1.

On the right these are pottery drawings handmade. I’m using pencils to show the relief of the ceramic. In archaeology, the light is coming from up left, so the opposite part of the pottery will be in the shadow. This technique is different from the previous one which does not have any aesthetic interest. As a technical drawing, it gives only informations that specialists want to have. Whereas this one gives a nice effect.

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These drawings are handmade. This technique by using dots is really long but also gives the nicest effect. The traditional drawing in archaeology is using dots but it’s also very long. I’m using japanese felt pen Pigma microns. The thinest one is 0.05.