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Daily life of an archaeological illustrator

In my backpack: a camera, pencils, a rim gauge, a trowel… I’m Laetitia Munduteguy, illustrator in archaeology since 2014. I’m drawing artifacts (pottery, flints and objects) on archaeological sites. Hooked by illustration, photography and creativity. I let you discover my world. Drone capture by Jonathan Lisein.

How I became illustrator in archaeology?

Hooked by illustration since my childhood, I decided to add this skill to my first competence: archaeologist. You will find a portfolio of my drawings (pottery, flints and objects) but also a few references to help you learning how to draw artifacts.

Archaeological projects 2007-2020

I have been travelling since 2003. I am lucky to discover many remote places and approach new culture. Here an overview of my experience…

What one item would you bring to a deserted island?

I always bring in my backpack my camera (Canon EOS 550D) and my smartphone is never far away…All the pictures have been taken during my trip or trekking. Have a good trip !

Artistic drawing

I’m passionate about drawing since my childhood. At school, I was staying close to the window and drew on tables. Then, when I was 9, my parents signed me up for drawing adult courses.  Huge fan of Hugo Pratt, I did this painting on the wall of my house. I let you discover some examples of my drawing.


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