Portrait Laetitia Munduteguy


I’m hooked by illustration since my childhood. At school, we used to go to the Bonnat museum in my city of Bayonne, where the animation staff sensitized us to art and let us express our artistic skill. I was fascinated by the paintings and sketches.

At the same period, at 8, I started private lessons of drawing with an art teacher in my home town.  I was studying in an old apartment with a great atmosphere. I can remember the jazz music playing in the background, the sound of the wooden floor cracking under my feet, the smell of white spirit used for diluting oil pastel mixed with tea scent. I was dreaming about my future, living in one artist’s studio on the rooftop of Paris.

Then I arrived in Paris and started studying history of art and archaeology. Then I did a master degree in submarine archaeology at Sorbonne University. The first year, it was focused on Basque whale hunters in Red Bay (Labrador), during the XVI th century. I studied different ways of hunting whales, inshore establishments and how blubber was processed into oil.