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Alaska, two archaeological projects

Capital: Juneau, surface: 1 717 854 km2, nickname: "The Last Frontier" or "The Land of the Midnight Sun". Alaska became american in 1867 when it was bought to Russia. This land is populated by Aleut, Eskimos (Iñupiak & Yupiks) and Native Americans. Wildlife: Polar Bears, grizzli bears, mooses,caribous.

I volunteered at two archaeological projects ran in Alaska. The first one is called the Broken Mammoth site (Department of Anthropology of University of Alaska Anchorage). Located in the Tanana River Valley, it was discovered by Charles E. Holmes in 1989. The oldest occupation was between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago. Here a link to get more information about the project: The broken Mammoth site on Wikipedia

The second one was located at Chandalar Lake in the Brooks Range. Under the supervision of Tom Gillipsie from the Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC), an Alaska Native non-profit corporation.