Drawing artefacts in archaeology

My work is always divided into two parts. First, I draw the artefacts on the archaeological site (Field, museum, laboratory etc), because it can not leave the country. Second, I finish the planks by hand, then on Photoshop and Illustrator.

When I’m working on the field, it’s impossible and also not necessary to draw all the artefacts. A selection is made upstream by specialists in ceramics or lithics. All the drawings are made on scale 1:1, with a thin pencil (3H) and tools like a profile gauge, a set of calipers, a rim gauge.

Drawing lithics is more complicated and can be quite long. In order to be faster, I have a profilograph, that I use for drawing any complex pieces like big nuclei, biface, arrowhead etc. It’s really helpful and I do save time, really appreciated on a project !