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Tajikistan, archaeological projects

Capital: Dushanbe, surface: 143 100 km2.

Archaeological project ran by Frederique Brunet (CNRS) and Abdurauf Razzokov (Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan).

The Proto-urban Site of Sarazm is an exceptional archaeological site, one of the oldest settlement in central Asia. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 2010. Sarazm let us testimony of proto urban civilization, from the Chalcolithic period (End of Fifth millennium) until Bronze age (Second part of the third millennium). The archaeological site is famous for its discovery of a “the princess tomb of Sarazm” (Bronze period), a woman buried in clothes richly embroidered with turquoise, lapis lazuli, jasper and limestone beads.

Well preserved, the site revealed also remains of monumental architecture, handicraft districts and domestics habitats. It seems that Sarazm was a major hub, maintaining international relationships with Siberian steppes, Iran, Baluchistan and Syro-Mesopotomian world. The Zarafshan Valley, rich in mineral (gems) can explain this high attraction.